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my Claim: Steven Tyler

I'm kinda new to these things. I didn't know if you wanted my example table or not, so I placed it here for you just in case. If you take something, please credit: getyourwings

Colorless, Black n white, Think Pink, Artist's choice, Crossdresser, Yellow, Fire



ETA: If you'd like a header that doesn't have text, please tell me and I will put the text on it for you. Thanks!

001.Day 002.Night 003.Light 004.Dark 005.Heaven 006.Hell
007.Elements 008.Water 009.Fire 010.Rain 011.Lightening 012.Stars
013.Seasons 014.Holiday 015.Flower Power 016.New Year 017.Christmas 018.Dreams
019.Romance 020.Love 021.Sex(y) 022.Erotic 023.Cute 024.Kinky
025.Crazy 026.Weird 027.Laughter 028.Fun 029.Angry 030.Tears
031.Creepy 032.Mystic 033.Fantasy 034.Painting 035.Cartoon 036.Fruits
037.Crossdressing 038.Angel 039.Music 040.Lyrics 041.Blood 042.Evil
043.Agony 044.Bling Bling 045.Hot 046.Cold 047.Colorful 048.Colorless
049.Black/White 050.Retro 051.Red 052.Blue 053.Green 054.Yellow
055.Think Pink 056.Purple 057.Ancient 058.Modern 059.Exotic 060.Shiny
061.Artist’s Choice 062.Artist’s Choice 063.Artist’s Choice 064.Artist’s Choice 065.Artist’s Choice 066.Artist’s Choice
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Oh I love the crossdressing one =)
You don't need to always post your table if you don't want to, just the links to the arts is enough ;) but that's up to you.
ok thanks! Some want you to, and others don't. I'll post the links to the arts next time, then to make it easier.

Yeah those photos screamed Crossdressing, so I HAD to add them lol.