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Challenge #5

After the little poll from the weekend... there are more people who want the challenges back than the ones that don't want them. So here we go again and since it's a new start... it'll be rather easy.

You might notice that the challenges are a bit different now and so will be the voting.

Black&White Icon Challenge

-> You can submit up to 3 pics

-> You can use any pics you want, musicians, actors, models... your pick

-> Image size: 100x100, not larger than 40kb, lj-standards, no animations

-> You can choose any fandom you want - it doesen't have to be your claimed fandom

-> Post your entries to this post ONLY, comments are screened

Deadline: June, 5th, 2008

Have fun participating. We're expecting some great entries.

If you want something special for the next challenge you can either put that with your entries in a comment or just leave a comment with it. And if you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment as well.

Feel free to promote the community and the challenge =)
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