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About fandomarts66
We are sure you all know them, or at least heard of them, the famous 100-bla communities. So we thought ‘Let’s start also such a community’, but we thought that 100-bla is so often used and we thought of another number that we like and ended up with 66.

So what are we wanting from you now? You just have to have fun in making pictures with a picture program you prefer to use. We only want 66 fandom-arts from you. It doesn’t matter if you are making icons, wallpaper, banner, storypics, header, layouts or simple pretty artwork. Just create 66 arts to 66 themes, but more about that will follow in the rules.

We added more tables now and some only have 16 themes so you won't have to do that much. Makes you have a bigger choice of themes and finish your tables easier.
The Rules
- Join the community.

- Claim a character, a pairing, a series or a real person, or maybe a whole band, a model or a sports-person, and create 66 arts to 66 themes, which can be found in the table.

- Please don't post your table in a friends-locked entry. Make it a public post, so EVERYONE can look at your arts.

- If you claim a single person, you can put another person or more on the pic, but the main focus should be on your claimed character.

- Post the table you picked in your LiveJournal or on your website.

- Wait till we verified your wanted claim and then we’ll give you posting access.

- Start creating arts to your claim and post them. You can use jpg, gif, png... whatever you want. You're also allowed to post animated arts.

- When you start posting your arts, please announce which claim you have. You can use the following form to do so.

Type of claim: [single person, couple or general series]
Full name(s): [full names of your claim or just the bit you know]
Fandom: [your fandom, if you claim a crossover write down both fandom’s, if you take real people just write it down]
Link: [where we can reach your table]
Username: [the username that you will be posting under]

- Please put all your arts under a cut if the width of them is over 500px, so that the main-page is clean and not over-filled with random arts.

- One final thing for the rules. If you’re art is not work-safe, please make the entry friends locked and give a short warning.

- If you’re done with all your arts, then let us know HERE and we will make you a banner, that you made it. We’ll put you in the ‘Hall of Fame’ and you can put your banner in your LJ or on your site, or somewhere else you want it to have.

- You don’t have a deadline.
Sites to host your Arts
LJ Scrapbook
Tiny Pic
Free Image Hosting
Adult Image Hosting
Ohter Useful Things

Want to see what is already claimed and get yourself your wanted claim? Go over HERE and take a look at the Claims-List.

To take a look at the tables and to paste the code for your LJ or your site, you can go over HERE.

The ‘Hall of Fame’ shows all the ones who have finishes the 66 arts and their ‘Yeah, I made it’-banner. Want to take a look at it? Go over HERE.

If you have any questions, criticism or just want to contact us for any reason, just do it HERE.

If you want to promote us or just link to us, please us this banner.

Or the smaller version...

What is left for us to say now?
Have a good time creating you’re arts and get them over here!